Adam Levine thinks Jimmy Mowery could win “The Voice,” so hop on the bandwagon now!

I’ve watched “The Voice” before, but I’ve never been so into it that I’d watch every week. Well, as of last night I am all in on this new season. When my roommate, Corey, told me that his friend Jimmy was going to be on the show, I was intrigued. He told me about how Jimmy is from his home state of Pennsylvania and he and his friends used to watch him play at the local bars all the time. Corey showed me some of the videos of him playing on his Instagram, and I was blown away at how talented this guy is. He knew that Jimmy was at least going to be on the season premiere, but everyone has to be tight-lipped about what happens beyond that, so when we watched live, we didn’t know if he would get picked by one of the coaches or not. Well if you didn’t watch (don’t worry I’ve got you covered with the video here) Jimmy absolutely crushed it and now Adam Levine – who thinks he might have one of the best voices of the whole competition – is going to coach him into becoming his best self as an artist.

Make no mistake – his journey to get there wasn’t as simple as all that. Anything but. Jimmy is 31 years old and, as the show touched upon, has endured great personal tragedy. His parents split up when he was younger, and when they reconciled, his mother’s ex-boyfriend shot and killed his father in their home. Jimmy has tried out for the singing shows before and never made it past the audition round. But he kept playing, moved to Myrtle Beach so he could play in front of more people, enrolled in online classes at the Berklee College of Music so he could keep getting better at his craft, and continued to share his music with his loyal following. There were quite a few young contestants on the show; he’s a little older at 31. There were probably many times when he wondered if music was ever going to happen for him, and I’m sure plenty of people told him he should just pack it in. But he kept going for it and working to improve, and now he has the chance of a lifetime.

I’m inspired by the guy and I hope he wins the whole thing. I already think his version of “Attention” was better than Charlie Puth’s (yes I know that Charlie writes all his own music too I’m not suggesting he’s more talented). I hope he sets the world on fire. Go Jimmy go!

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