How I chose the cover art for my book

Well, when your budget is $0 it kind of limits your choices. It would have been awesome if I’d had been able to afford to have an artist create something original and amazing after reading the book, but that wasn’t in the cards for me. You know how people usually assume artists are broke until they see the covers of their novels at an airport or something? Well in this case, to quote my good friend Collette, “it’s actually true”. So I turned to a familiar place: Google.

I had a bit of an idea of what I wanted it to look like – I wanted a flat road, like the one that two of the main characters drive on during their road trips. I also wanted the photo to be black and white, because it’s kind of a dark story and I wanted to set that tone right away. I was lucky because finding this picture took all of 5 seconds. I simply typed into my Google search “free picture of a flat road” and boom, this one came up. It was in color at first, but I just saved it to my photos, opened my photo app, and used the black and white filter to change it to black and white. Seriously, no one is less skilled at photo editing than me so if I can do it, quite literally anyone can.

I planned to just have this cover until I sold enough books to get a real artist to make a new one, but I’ve had several people tell me they love it, and I kind of do too so I guess at this point I’m just going to keep it. And there you have it! Writing a book is a challenge, but this part of it was the least challenging for me.

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