How I write when I don’t have my laptop

It’s interesting how quickly technology has evolved. When I was a little kid – like 6 or 7 – I thought it would be so cool to have a typewriter. It was only a few years later that just about every home had a computer. I loved using it to write, but I still felt like the words just came to me more when I wrote with a pad of paper and a pen. When Sex and the City was on TV (and when I was old enough to watch it) I envisioned myself writing my novels on my laptop like Carrie Bradshaw did with her columns. And now, laptops are kind of still where it’s at – although past the point where Carrie would worry about losing her hard drive!

Since technology has moved SO quickly, I feel like I’ve evolved with it. Once I started doing everything on the computer, I developed a comfort level with it. Now, I would never think of putting pen to paper to write a whole novel! The words flow as naturally as ever when I’m typing on my laptop, or even on my phone. It’s funny – the major appeal of laptops was once how portable they were, and now I would rather leave it at home or my office, where I do not work in the literary industry. You never know when an idea worth writing down will come to you though! So for me, I’m very into using the Notes app on my phone. I have probably over 100 different notes.

I know there are other apps that are popular, like iA Writer or Ulysses, but in all honesty I haven’t tried them yet. I’m just loyal to Notes, I guess. I mean, it’s worked for me this far! Also, WordPress has a wonderful app and if I’m writing something for this blog, I can do it straight from my phone.

All in all, it’s really great that you don’t have to be restricted by where you are in order to write. All you need is a smartphone, and most people wouldn’t imagine leaving home without one. Between that and the self-publishing phenomenon, what a time to be alive!

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